I feel slightly pregnant.

So I’ve decided to learn how to make the ultimate post confinement food.

My Sifu Kuan made this dish and it tasted heavenly. The vinegar was just silky and had lost its tartness but not it’s fragrance. The gingers still had a bite but it was infused and delicious when you bit into it. Soft and Yielding.

She shared with me how she did the dish. She wanted me to literally stew the dish for 4 weeks which is what she did – slow boil the vinegar and ginger every day for a short period. For four weeks !

I told her Siao ! I may have have been dumped by several women in 4 weeks – I ain’t gonna give a bunch of gingers reeking in vinegar that sort of commitment. She’s a perfectionist, I’m a lazy cook.

I’ve decided one week is all I would commit. And I boil it when I boil it.

And so it begins – the long laborious process. I dry fried a shit load of gingers and when it was smoking a little and browning, I added a dash of brandy. Then coated the boys with sesame oil and turned the heat off .

Every mother in this world and on you tube says that you have to get the Bulldog brand of the sweet vinegar (real name is Chan Kok Thye) and if you buy another brand, then you’re an imbecile and you might as well die a fiery death. Chan must have been a charming chinaman who have wooed the panties off a whole bunch of vinegar trotter cooking ladies.

So the process has started. The end product better be orgasmic.

Next weekend if you hear a manly moan coming from somewhere in the east, it means I’m spending quality time with some trotters and have arrived.


Old ginger, young ginger, 2.5 bottles sweet bull dog vinegar, 3/4 bottles of chinkiang vinegar, brown sugar, black sauce and slow boiled twice a day for 7 days

Added red dates, black beans and boiled for 2 days

Trotters seared with sesame oil and flambé with brandy then slow boiled for 5 hours and hard boiled eggs added in the last hour.

And the end result ?

You get this gooey magnificent catatonic black mouthful of orgasmic goodness.

And to eat with it – rice marinated overnight with oil and century eggs (according to Mui Kee video ). Chicken bones slow boiled for 2 hours, add chopped yam , dried cuttlefish strip and rice and cook until Congee consistency.

Think my water just broke.

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