The People Series CHRISTINA HUNTER – Hotter than her Nasi Campur

First Things First

I have known Chris for a while now.

Our boys play rugby in the same team in school growing up and have forged a close friendship.

There are two things you should know about Chris.

First she is a culinary goddess.

And secondly she is smoking Hot.

This is Chris.

Yes take a breath.

She is a mother to an 18 year old.

Unbelievable ?

And she is married to an Englishman Nick Hunter – the nicest English bloke I have met in the last 30 years.

Not that many Englishman in Singapore you say ?

Well I used to go to London practically every year as 80% of my clients (when I was practising shipping law) were based in London. So I have met many Poms and Limeys.

And Nick is definitely an exceptionally likeable and affable chap.

Nick : Drink up mate.

What’s that you say?

Taste like warm piss?

Well I made that for you just 7 mins ago.


You were going on and on about my wife being Hot in that stupid blog of yours?

Oh you were just being observant?

And here you are in our home eating our food and drinking my piss?”

That’s a likely scenario that might happen but I cannot lie.

Chris is damn hot by any definition.

Where she grew up

Chris was born in Ketapang West Kalimantan, the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo.

Her family moved to Semarang Central Java in subsequent years, then to Jakarta when she was 15.

Chris started cooking at a young age. It was from her mother and her grandmother that Chris picked up the finer points of authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Later on in life, Chris lived in London, Hong Kong, then came to Singapore in 2010.

Her culinary prowess was to be enjoyed only by her family until May 2020 when she decided to dabble in some home cooking with authentic Indonesian dishes as takeaways.

The Covid Lockdown has inspired many home cooks to consider home cooking as a business.

Chris was motivated to start a home business as she thinks that Singapore lacked really authentic Indonesian cuisine offerings.

She soon experienced a groundswell demand from her friends and acquaintances clamouring for her cooking once they have tried it.

A Feast for the Senses

I have had the pleasure of being invited to Chris and Nick’s home to dine and have tried Chris’s cooking.

Tasting her cooking is like a pleasurable invasion of all your senses.

I remember being wowed by a plethora of rich deep colors and being overwhelmed by intense gravies within which nestled exotic herbs and condiments.

Every dish she makes is perfumed with the heady aroma of all manners of herbs, pastes, spices and condiments.

Meats were well marinated and came delicious with melt in your mouth rendang, deep fried crispy chicken marinated in a multitude of herbs and spices, fresh vegetables that were in delicious salads, delicious and savoury side snacks, and even the rice was given special attention perfumed with herbs and spices.

Each dish was a kaleidoscope of Colors, beautifully plated, and more importantly, infused with seductive undulating layers of flavours and smells.

Complex flavours abound.

If I could find some words to describe her cooking, it would be soulful, authentic and artisanal.

And let’s not forget damn spicy and delicious.

Her belacan sambal (which I shamelessly asked for a portion to bring back), brought tears to my eyes because it was spicy as the depths of hell, and emotionally because I wanted to marry the damn thing and make babies with it.

Takeaway Orders

Chris’s array of take away offerings do not come cheap by any standards. It is not your every day fare and expect to pay a premium for her food.

But if you are planning a nice dinner and you wanted artisanal and delicious Indonesian cuisine that looked fabulous but still tasted very home made, you will want to fork out those premium dollars and give her food a try.

She is currently inundated with a steady stream of orders from a very loyal following of well heeled Indonesian ibus, friends and lovers of fine Indonesian cuisine, but Chris is always keen for new customers to try her food.

Orders and Pricing

Here are some pictures of her food and pricing.

The pricing stated below are accurate as at the date of publishing in this blog.

Do visit her Instagram handle at @hunterskitchensg and DM Chris for more updated menu and pricing should you wish to order.

Tumpeng set min of 4 pax. Start from $165. 10pax is $288

Choices of chicken
Grilled kecap manis-sweet soy sauce
Suak Chui koi (chilli) chilli chicken -one of my signature
Opor ( indonesian green curry) chicken
Semur (chicken braised in soy sauce )
Fried galangal chicken

Tempe mendoan (fried tempe in batter) or
orik tempe or
sambal tempe kencur

Bakwan sayur (veg fritters) or Bakwan jagung (sweetcorn fritters)

Parkedel (potato cakes)

Balado eggs (chilli eggs) or
Balinese omellete or
Semur tofu and eggs Petai prawns


Petai squid $42
Asam garam squid 42
Ikan panggang kecap (grilled sweet soy sauce fish) $42
Beef rendang 500 gr minimum order $68. 1kg $110
Brinjal balado $38
Sayur asam $56
Sayur lodeh $56
Mie goreng $12 per pax. Min 4pax

Min of 10 pax
Soto Tangkar $250
Lontong sayur $350
Soto ayam $220 Nasi bakul set $300

Other Details

Chris’s business is for self pick up (no dining in) from her home in the Balestier area, or delivery upon request (delivery charges from courier to be advised depending on your home address).

Payment is strictly by Paynow and no cash payments please.


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