KENG WAH SUNG KOPITIAM (琼华昌) – A tale of Kaya Toast, Wanton Mee and the Benny Bat Signal

The thing about living alone is that often I don’t plan my meals.

Also, each day I try not to have lunch if I have a hearty breakfast (I don’t always succeed).

That’s in order to keep my V when I look in the mirror.

Once in a while, my Bro Benny sends me a bat signal telling me to go somewhere to find some food that is life changing.

I think he detects my pulsating hunger rays.

Either that or he’s trying to make me less V than him.

So today I was planning not to have lunch and was succeeding splendidly.

But I was radiating hunger pangs.

Out of nowhere, at 3.13 pm , I received a bat signal from my Bro.

I was particularly touched because I think he needed to pee but climbed the mountain anyway to send me the signal.

Twenty minutes later, I found myself in Lorong 41 Geylang in front of Keng Wah Sung Kopitiam.

Outside App

Roti Gu Yu Kaya and Half Boiled Eggs

This is said to be one of the oldest coffee shops in Geylang.

And with old coffee shops, one is hopeful that they still serve good toasted bread with Gu Yu ( Butter) and Kaya (local egg jam).

What I saw lifted my spirits because the set-up told you they were serious about their toast.

Their toast was amazing. Nice crusty toast and the butter was as it should be – just a slab melting inside and not spread out. Fragrant Kaya embraced the butter.

And how beautiful were their half boiled eggs?

And their coffee was aromatic, robust with a faint acrid smell but pleasant.

Best damn Roti, eggs and coffee I’ve had in one place for a long time.

Leong Hua Wanton Noodles

The name in the signboard was unmistakably old school lettering with garish lighting.

Various certificate of awards were highlighted.

Pricing was still very reasonable and my standard order was priced at $3.50.

I must confess when my plate of wanton mee arrived, it looked a little messy and the Color of the char siew looked wane and suggested it could be dry.

I sipped the soup.

Very nice. Strong taste of anchovies but not too fishy.

The wantons was a problem. For some reason, they were undercooked and were not yielding to the bite. The taste did not impress either.

The char siew tasted better than it looked. It was quite pleasant and tasty. It would have tasted even better if it had some fat in it but it was the old school lean type.

Noodles were done well and sauce was the old school chilli sort. I would like the sauce to be a little more liquid with more lard oil. It was adequate but did not shine.

But overall, quite a nice ensemble.

I’ll have to come with Batman

Eh Bro how come your char siew looks so different from mine ?

Left is mine

“Eh the famous Botak is coming. Quick, keep our normal char siew and bring out the premium 60 days aged arm pit char siew!”

The next time I go, I’m going to shave my head and fold my arms when I order.

Keng Wah Sung ( 琼华昌)
783 Geylang RoadSingapore 389672

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 5:30am to 11pm
Closed on Sunday

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