Fried Hokkien Noodles or Fried Hokkien Mee as we Singaporeans are more likely to call it, is a dish which can provoke a lot of heated discussion (with wok hei) about whose preferred stall is the best.

Suddenly, everyone turns into a hissing 50 year old menopausal aunty who thinks their stall is the best, and if you dare to disagree, I’ll tell all my aunty friends at the Mei Lee Hair Salon when I perm my hair that you’re an idiot and perm your white hair 5 times a month.

In a previous blog, I have already explained about the ugly Hokkien men and their mistresses and how all this is connected to the history of Fried Hokkien Mee and how it evolved over time.

When I was growing up (can we play some plaintive Er Hu music please), I grew up with the Hokkien mee of Tian Tian Lai which is still at Toa Payoh today.

In recent years (play some upbeat Gangster Rap “Hit em up” please), my go to places have been the OG Swee Guan Hokkien Mee, the crazy queue Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Hokkien mee at ABC Brickworks Food Center , and the Geylang Lorong 29 Fried Hokkien mee on account that it’s so near to me in the East.

But when I am in the Beach Road area, I am likely to queue for this Fried Hokkien Mee at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre calked Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee.

The queue at Hainan is typically about at least 10 men deep because the old uncle frying it takes a long time to fry his noodles.

I was standing in line on a previous occasion staring at how he does it, and I have to say that I think he takes the longest time, of all the Hawkers I have seen, to fry the Hokkien Mee.

I could have children unwittingly while waiting for uncle to fry and saw them through pre school.

The end result – intense Wok Hei and a very dry version.


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because most people like their FHM very racy, moist, luscious and wet (ok don’t get excited I’m still talking about Fried Hokkien Mee).

But I do like their version. It’s unusual and it’s very tasty.

In recent times though, I I’ve been hearing about this other stall which just opened up in the same Golden Mile Food Centre with a young FHM player (yes still talking about Noodles).

You Fu Fried Hokkien Mee is apparently only 6 months old but there are already murmurings.

Of a young man barely 21 years old wearing a bandana and making waves tossing up a very decent FHM.

So off we went to search for Mr Axl Rose of the bandana fame, keen to try his Magic at the wok.

And we found him.

Introducing Andre, the 21 year old boy wonder who does the frying while his father takes orders.

Can someone that young produce a decent dish ? Shouldn’t his father slowly pass it on to him say in 2042 ?

Their stall is located directly above where Hainan is located. If you see Hainan in the basement, come up the stairs next to Hainan and you will see You Fu at about the same corner.

We came at 11am and there was no queue. But by 1130 am, the queue was 10 men deep. I ran down to have a look at Hainan and they were also about 10 men deep.

This augers well for the Hawkers – the good food stalls are still doing well – Covid or no Covid.

We chatted with Andre’s father who told us the stall was only 6 months old. He said he never owned a FHM stall before and before their stall opening, he was involved in “helping out” at other FHM stalls.

Not sure if he was the chef and where the other stalls were as he appeared reluctant to say more, and we didn’t want to probe.

But he did say that he had taught Andre how to cook FHM.

We dutifully went to our table to wait for the rock star’s offering.

I must say I was floored at how good this FHM is.

Sweet child of mine started to play.

I could just imagine Andre doing the famous Axl Rose Snake Dance at the wok.

It came very moist but with enough wok hei and the broth it was cooked in was awesome.

You could taste the sweetness of the briny stock but enough umami from the pork slices and other pork bits no doubt used to cook the stock.

A heady aroma permeated the dish.

It was so tasty I ignored the chilli that came with it and had no real recollection of it.

All I could hear was my dining companions raving about the freshness and juiciness of the prawns.

Half way through my plate, I took executive action and left the table and ordered another plate of the same to share.

Never trust your first instincts.

The second plate tasted just as good.


Andre “Axl Rose “ has delivered.

Youfu Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles

Address: 505 Beach Road, #01-57, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 19958

HP: 98257449 (Andre) Call or text in advance to avoid longer waiting time
Time: 10am – 830pm (Everyday) Closed Monday

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