The Covid Indian Mother Challenge II – Amma is still standing

The Second month in Lockdown

It’s been another glorious two weeks.

It’s been a real blessing.

Amma is a little tired but still very happy and enjoying cooking for the bachche (“children”).

Lots of garrulous discourse at the dinner table with the kids, discussing about random inane stuff, talking to them a little about my work and discussing legal points and explaining annoying Latin phrases only Lawyers have been taught to use (one daughter is in Law School and the other in Accountancy with a module in Business Law), understanding their lives and their friends a little bit better.

Deep discussion about Korean drama. Asking stupid questions like why are all the Korean actors delicate and pretty, and is that make-up they have on?

Maybe I might date some of them.

My daughters are not impressed that I might be their competition.

It’s made the lockdown a lot more bearable. I will probably look back at this time with great fondness and gratitude to the man upstairs.

Yes he probably created all this just for me to have these glorious moments.

And to punish Trump.

Some lifestyle changes

Big Poppa

Because of the lockdown restrictions, we in Singapore are no longer allowed to go to the hairdressers.

Big poppa – Are you serious ?
Big poppa – Lockdown again?

To those of us who are metrosexuals and who diligently trim and style our armpit hair every alternate hump day, this is distressing to say the very least.

What if my eyebrows are not synchronised ? And my 3 day designer stubble doesn’t look effortlessly but stylishly manicured ?

Understandably, some of us are a little unkempt in these challenging times.

That is not all.

Some friends tell me that they have put on weight from all that cooking and eating.

Hector thinks he’s put on at least 2 kg since the lockdown.

Err Buddy, I think that’s just your ear wax forming.

I think I inadvertently worked out with all that cooking carrying those pots and pants, and got a little ripped by mistake.

Oh well no point crying over spilled milk.

We live with our mistakes.

The Indian Mother’s Escapades

So back to the Indian Mother challenge.

The sari has been flowing and challenges thrown as you can see below.

Buns and Buns – Braised pork and jackfruit salsa

Ragu Tagliatelle and Honey Mustard Wings

Homemade Dumplings in Seafood Broth and Potato Gratin

Chilli Udon Noodles

Wanton Noodles with Home Made Char Siew

Cold Konjac Noodles with Kimchi and Bittergourd

Japanese Bento Box

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Capers Bagel + Guacamole

Good Old Fashioned Fish & Chips

Pasta with blue cheese dressing, candied bacon, corn and prawns fritters and Cos with anchovy lemon honey dressing

Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes and Pork Schnitzel

Crayfish and Prawns Mayo Roll

2 more weeks of lockdown.

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