My Dog Truffles

Actually he’s my youngest daughter Megan’s dog.

We got him 11 years ago when he was a wee 6 month old pup from Australia as his breed is difficult to find in Singapore.

He is a Havanese, the national dog of Cuba. The Havanese is intelligent, very good with kids, doesn’t shed, seldom barks, hypoallergenic, and extremely sociable and loving to his owners.

In fact, the books describe them as the “velcro dog” as it sticks to its owners like crazy and will not leave their side.

The other quaint trade about this breed is that it does this “dance of joy”. He runs in circles in wild abandon and exuberance until he tires himself out, but he wants an audience and his owners to watch.

Sometimes he stops suddenly and runs the other direction but still in circles.

So you can say they are a self exercising dog but he doesn’t get far away since he runs in circles.

Extremely convenient. You just sit down, sip a beer and occasionally whoop and call out encouragement to let him know you are watching.

He exercises himself.

His love is immense

There is something about the way he looks into my eyes.

When I first separated from my wife and this was about 9 years ago, I missed my kids terribly.

My youngest daughter decided to leave Truffles with me on occasions as I think she knew that his presence would help.

And he did.

He senses me and my moods I think.

His little cushion is at the foot of my bed and a little distance away in my room where he sleeps. But occasionally at night, I feel this little face next to me or his nose shoved into my dangling hand at the side of my bed.

He comes and says hello. Like he feels my despair and has come to heal.

That is why I love that frigging mutt like he is my youngest child.

Why your dog is superior to cats, rabbits, fishes birds and humans


Don’t get me started on cats.

Do you notice how evil they are ? They just do their own thing and occasionally come to you to be scratched.

Some people mistake that for affection. Try calling out to your cat Voldemort and see if he will consistently come to you on demand with love.

He is like “ ok loser I have some ticks and I will come to you for some scratches and massages. But only this time – don’t get used to it ass-wipe.

Oh and I’ve sold your soul to you know who. I’ll bring him to you tonight when you sleep.”


They’re just boring.

They don’t move and stay in one position for hours without moving, their nose twitching.

You call that entertainment ?

And every time I see them, I just want to stick a stalk of rosemary behind their ears, rub them thoroughly with salt and pepper, and shove them hoppity hop into the oven.

Cos they’re delicious.


You can’t pet them, you can’t play fetch with them, you can’t make them do tricks.

What’s the damn point ?



They’re dumb. And boring.

Except when they’re grilled.

Dogs can make you silly

Dogs are the biggest de-stressers.

They can make you do silly things just to get into candid shots with them.

Doc and Muffy

Some people make all sorts of grimacing faces just to get into a frame with their dogs.

Adrian is a respectable doctor looking after a chain of clinics.

But when he is near his youngest child, he is downright embarrassing.

Muffy is saying – Dude I know you feed me but this is embarrassing. Be cool, the neighbourhood dogs are watching.

Dogs have your back

They are always on your side when you have a fight with the missus.

They will always always be on your side against your mother in law.

When you have a bad hair day, your dog accompanies you.

Unlike other people, your dog always listens to everything you say with awe.

And when you need even more attention, he will bring his friends to listen.

He makes everything you do look successful.

You can have an intellectual conversation with your dog.

Dogs drink with you when you are too lazy to go out and meet mates.

And they don’t get drunk and boisterous and sing ACS anthems

Your dog will always always tell you if your date is ugly.

Look at their faces. They can’t hide their feelings.

You can blame him for things in polite company.

When your friends don’t include you in their invites, they get indignant for you.

If you’re still not convinced about the virtues of dogs, go watch the movie “Hachiko”.

You will cry buckets and rush out to get a dog immediately.

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