THE NEST@IMBI- a sprawling new foodcourt at Imbi road in Kuala Lumpur

Over the years, Imbi has been my hood when I visit KL. It’s safe to say that I have tried practically every hotel along the stretch of Imbi and my go to has been the Ritz Carlton.

Imbi is a treasure trove of restaurants and your hole in the wall delectable street food offerings. From breakfast in the morning to just before midnight supper places. Hence, my hood.

Voila – Imbi has just added on a brand new sprawling open air foodcourt know simply as The Nest@Imbi.

The Location

The Nest is located in the side road opposite to the famous Overseas Chinese Restoran.

That side road leads to Soo Kee, another KL institution offering great Cze Char dishes.

For those of you who have been to Soo Kee, you may know of this fairly big durian stall right in front of Soo Kee.

Go to the durian stall which has a big durian signboard installation. From that vantage point which is right next to the street sign that reads “Medan Imbi” look straight ahead and you will see the green awning of the Nest@Imbi.

The Nest

So this is a huge sprawling space with high ceilings and industrial sized fans.

It is clean, airy and bright, and feels cool presumably because of the high ceilings.

On a rough count, I think there were easily 30-40 stalls at the Nest.

And the kind of food offerings?

It was an eclectic mix of favourite street food offerings, some stalls catering to the many middle eastern tourists, PRC inspired stalls selling China food offerings, some stalls like burgers and funky juice bars catering to the younger set.

It looks a little tourist inclined and is priced higher than most food coffee shops , so I have a suspicion that locals may not gravitate to this joint.

But it is convenient for the tourists to sample different delicacies KL has to offer under one roof.

I tried this pork offal soup for lunch.

I wasn’t holding my breath when I saw that they were offering so many dishes ( I have a theory that the more dishes you offer, the quality is inversely distributed).

But it was actually quite tasty.

Best of all, The Nest@imbi is 24 hours so it’s perfect for a late night supper.

Go try it the next time you’re in KL.

I’m sure this place will be jumping in no time.

The Nest@Imbi

Lot 200, Jalan Imbi, Seksyen 67, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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