The need for pick up lines

From time immemorial, men have been preoccupied with pick up lines. The idea is that when you meet someone you fancy, few men can think of clever pick up lines on the spot.

Your heart is racing, you’ve got clammy hands, you need to stay upwind because you are sweating like an unfit pig, and your voice is likely to be weak and squeaky.

So thinking of a good pick up line then is impossible.

So we go around memorizing good pick up lines.

Most pick up lines are cheesy

Some are short and sharp

Many are lame


Gotlines ?

Others sounds desperate


Then there is the classy one

Athlon sports

Beware the anti pickup line


Excuse me are you a model


This is a particularly Singaporean pick up line we are proud of taken from a book written by a Singaporean in the 80s.

This line is quite powderful because when you ask any girl that, you are clearly paying her a sincere compliment.

The Albatross


Here’s an original concocted one that might work on a smart intense girl with a deep affinity to nature.

But this pick up line was formulated while we were getting slightly drunk so I should warn you that it’s really long and draggy. It takes a while to get to that killer line.

I say line but it’s more of a script.

You: I’m sorry to be forward like this but I saw you across the room and I told myself that if I didn’t fight my shyness and come over to introduce myself, I will regret this for the rest of my life.

Her: (looks at you with those Doe-like eyes). Hi, I’m Beth.

You: Beth do you like the albatross?

Beth: I do like animals, not the albatross specifically.

You: Did you know the albatross is completely monogamous. It spends its whole life looking for its one mate…..

Beth: That’s sweet (looking more doey eyed)

You: And when it finds its soul mate, it will spend its whole life loving that mate to the exclusion of all else.

Beth : Oh (vulnerable)

You: And when it’s mate dies, it will spend the rest of its life pining for its soul mate being incapable of loving another.

And it will stop feeding and will not last that same winter.

It literally dies of a broken heart.


Beth: (tearing )… oh …..

You: I’m glad I met you Beth.

My name is Ross. Albert Ross.  (albatross get it ??)

(The story about Albatrosses being completely monogamous is a big fat lie by the way. There is known to be a high level of infidelity within that damn bird community)

Other pick up lines

The thing most guys overlook is that you need to tailor your pick up lines appropriately to your intended victim or else it will fall flat.

These lines might work for these specific girls:

For the Singaporean Girl

For the medical houseman

You: If I die tomorrow, will you give my heart to the morgue ? It’s with you now.



For the Girl addicted to her phone

For the doubting lass

Girl: I like your earrings. Are you gay ?

You: There’s only one way to find out.


Girl: Are you gay?

You: I’m undecided. Want to swing me from the dark side ?

For the sassy girl


Elite daily

Girl: Are you happy to see me?

You: You think I go around carrying this ladder ?

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