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Politics in Singapore and Malaysia is like Night and Day.

Singapore Politics

In Singapore, nothing too dramatic happens.

The most dramatic thing we get is occasionally we see the government and the opposition quarrelling in parliament.

Discussing weighty serious issues.

This goes on for a while until you are out of popcorn.

Many of us sit there for hours just waiting for the camera to pan in on someone sleeping. And maybe a drool or two.

But they all look bushy tailed and alert like baby squirrels when their own are speaking. And when the opposition makes a point, they all exhibit that incredulous pained look right on cue.

It’s mesmerising but after 2 hours, you feel like shooting somebody.

So we are somewhat starved of material.

Recently, the netizens went apeshit when Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat asked for a 10 minutes adjournment during parliamentary debates.

Righteous citizen : Wah, like that also can ? Don’t know what to say must ask for adjournment to do research ?

Rebel369: Why? Cigarette break ah?

Learned: Hmm so specific – 10 minutes. Why 10 minutes and not 20?

Freedom warrior: So irresponsible!Never clear bowels before parliament starts now got to ask for an adjournment to do No 2 ?

Are you kidding me ? Over a 10 mins adjournment ?

For the next 2 weeks, a slew of articles came out in political blogs in Singapore discussing Heng’s fitness for the no 1 job (ie to become prime minister, not his ability to do the other no 1 job (as opposed to the suggestion that he did no 2)).

For example an article appeared with the headline

“Despite appearing flustered Heng Swee Keat manages to pass motion against Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim

The Independent SG 6 Nov

We are incredibly alert when it comes to toilet humour. When it comes to toilet humour, we never grow up.

Another writer wrote this article

“A slight commotion over a motion”

Bertha Henson

See – motion again.

Or am I reading too much into it ?

The contents seem quite serious and well argued.

That’s how exciting politics in Singapore is – a 10 minutes adjournment and the political hounds goes nuts.

Give us rampant embezzlement and sexual excesses please.


Meanwhile Across the Border

Meanwhile in Malaysia, another politician is sodomising, or being sodomised.

This seems to be a recurring theme in Malaysia. You either take 4-5 billions or go for sodomy. No half measures.

Damn. They are really pushing barriers.

What can be worse than a tryst with a prostitute then paying USD $130 000 to keep her quiet?

Malaysians (Malaysia Boleh) chortles:

“Straight sex and infidelity are for kids.

Apa la prostitutes? That one anyone can do.

Our Politicians sodomise.”

Come to think of it, there is some similarity in the politics between our two countries. Both of it seems to be centred around the bottom.

But when asked why the Malaysia political scene is far more advanced than Singapore’s, Malaysian Minister for Interior Affairs Azman Sharful Saadullah (Minister A.S.S) sniffed and said:

We are a true democracy.

After all these years, Singapore is still the old school Top Down style of government.

We have evolved and now come from behind with a Bottoms Up approach.

It’s perfectly consultative. Just tell me when to push.”

Malaysia Boleh

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