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I listened to the cross examination of ambassador Gordon Sondland by Daniel Goldman, counsel appointed by the Democrats at the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

Daniel Goldman

Glob Intel

I was staggered – this man has got to be one of the best cross examiners I have ever seen.

His flawless formulation of the questions effortlessly in a myriad of somewhat complicated facts on some occasions reveals a highly intelligent and razor sharp mind.

For aspiring law students and trial lawyers, listen to how incisive and masterful his cross examination is.

It’s a near prefect show of a model cross examiner. Listen to how forceful and compelling his voice is – his complete control of the witness putting them on a tight leash displays his prowess and a complete mastery of his craft.

ABC news

His steely stare completed the flawless display and manifestation of utter and complete domination of the witness.

I googled him and discovered that Goldman was a star assistant district attorney in the United States attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York. Goldman earned his undergraduate degree at Yale University and his law degree from Stanford.


And he looks a little like Liam Meeson. I was waiting for him to say:

 But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

Alas, he didn’t.

Stephen Castro

SF Gate

Compare this to Stephen R Castor, the counsel for the Republicans, with a rather constipated pained countenance on his face, a nasally weak voice, a less than smooth delivery and a less than forceful demeanour.

Jittery at times, a staccato timing and sigh – that voice. Unfortunate for a cross examiner.

And that worried frown, I almost feel sorry for him and want to send him flowers to cheer him up.

The man needs a dog.

Adam Schiff

Even the two point persons on the panel representing the Democrats and Republicans displayed interesting traits.


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, a Harvard trained lawyer and the Democrats’ Doberman, showed glimpses of a highly intelligent mind, completely unflappable with his almost evil glassy stare and uncanny ability to distill complicated facts and present with clarity and brevity his party’s position.

He is both a triathlete and a vegan, a deadly combination which explains his gaunt Voldemort look.

Devin Nunes

Compare the contrasting styles of republican’s ranking member Devin Nunes,with his truculent countenance and blistering protestations, all bluster but sometimes appearing to be a petulant child.

And he whinges to EVERY witness about the Democrats not calling the whistle blower as a witness, with the witness gaping and wondering “wtf has that got to do with me ?”

Cmon man, we don’t always get everything we want.

I stroke my 6 packs every night coaxing then to come out. I know they’re there but they are still coyly hiding from the public.

I’m frustrated too but you don’t hear me whinging about it.

Trump’s reactions

I read somewhere that it will take more than 20 republicans to cross the aisle for the Dems to get a successful impeachment vote.

The Dems know this but this impeachment process is more to erode Trump’s base in 2020 rather than to remove him in this term.

And they are rattling him.

During Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony, Trump couldn’t control himself and starting tweeting before she finished her testimony, attracting a torrent of allegation against him of intimidation of witnesses.

During Sondland’s cross examination, Trump was so incensed that he finished his 17th piece of his KFC Fried Chicken, put on his wig and switched on his helicopter.

He immediately rushed to where his Helicopter was parked to give a press briefing.

Mr international-man- on -the -go -too busy to give a press conference other than in between rushing to his helicopter was practically shrieking into that microphone next to the whirring helicopter.

He shrieked his “beautiful and complete exoneration from all charges” and was more unhinged than normal. Just listen to his voice:

And look at what he had scribbled to read out. Any psychiatrist will tell you that the handwriting is that of an increasingly unhinged psychopath, ready to kill and tweet again.


After the reporters dispersed, Trump switched off his helicopter and went inside to have his burgers.

What a waste of taxpayers money. Someone should tell him the Helicopter consumes the most fuel switching on and off.

My Life

And throughout the protracted screening keeping me up late at night, being fascinated with these profound observations, I have one burning realisation.

I need a life.


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