Rainy Afternoon by Leonid Afremov

I love rainy days.

There’s just this melancholic vibe that I get from pattering rain on the outside.

It puts me in a mood – for reminiscing, for romance, for pensive contemplation.

Rainy Day 1 by Leonid Afrenov

Carpenters comes on:

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old

Sometimes I’d like to quit

Nothin’ ever seems to fit

Hangin’ around

Nothin’ to do but frown

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down


Rain Thoughts

Hurricane by Tom Judd

Sometimes it feels primal.

Zags Thomson

Homeless and How

I think of homeless people being wet even as they huddle in whatever meagre shelter they have.

And count my blessings.

Driving through the rain by Gregory Thielker

Irish Art by Michael Steinbrick

Portal, NYC

I sense the roads, lights, water – a cacophony of senses.

Rainy Night by Jonas De Ro

I think of loved ones scurrying in the rain trying to make their way back home and feel a stab of anxiety.

There’s rain on my window
And I can count the drops
But I can’t help feeling lonely
There’s no way, no way that I could stop

Wish you were here by Fleetwood Mac

Yuki Hall

I think of life. And of the rain bringing life to starved roots.

Rain Rain – go away by Yuli Wan

Yuli Wan

I feel the majesty of God and all that he brings.

Commission of Rain Art – Untitled

I think of the rainy day piece of Art that I have in my office.

Rainy Day – woman of New York by Emerico Toth

Rainy day – woman of New York by Emerico Toth

Young woman rain parasol

Rainy day – woman of New York by Emerico Toth

Of beautiful shapes and forms .

Melissa Blake blogs

Of all that is sanguine and spiritual.

Shelter from the storm

I think of shelter and warmth

Kiss under the rain by Leonid Afrenov

Of kindred spirits, love and protection.

Round Diamond Drill

Happy stroll painting by Daniel Wall

RAINY DAY by Liubov Kuptsova

Of colours, and hues and rainy day blues

But most of all

I think about you.

One comment

  1. A rain Haiku for you

    Alone and tearing
    Seeking solace from a world
    always drenched in rain

    @Sanjay C Kuttan


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