The makan kakis and I planned this trip to Ipoh some time back.

We were going to fly into Kuala Lumpur before driving to Ipoh.

There was unparalleled consensus like a PAP parliament when I asked if we should eat at Nonya Supper Club KL.

I fought the urge to eat what we had before even though it was very tempting. Instead, most of the dishes we ordered this time were new dishes.

Going through the range with Sharon Thompson the Chef Extraordinaire, I realised that I could come back 3 or 4 times more and not have to repeat my orders. Everything sounded and looked incredible.

This is what we feasted upon:

Sek Bak

Crunchy Pig ears and Fallopian tubes were braised in galangal, cinnamon, star anise, lemon grass, dark soy and lots of shallots. Accompanied by cucumber and pineapple slices. Chilli vinegar and peanut brittle made it into a delicious rojak concoction.

Grago Krill Fritters

Krill is bound together with a little bit of egg and potato starch for that shattering crispiness. Aroma of the krill was amazing.

Sharon Thomson ” My Mother used to say when there’s a storm and the lightning hits the surface of the sea, that’s when the Grago (krill) all floats up to the surface and the sea turns pink. And that’s when everyone then goes out to harvest the krill”

Nasi Ulam with salted fish Sambal

Basmati Herb rice with mint, basil, shallots, cut Long beans, dried shrimp, salted fish, belachan, black pepper, galangal, torched ginger, cukur leaves, laksa leaves, wild pepper leaves, and toasted coconut slivers.

Duck Sio

This dish was marinated for 4 days in a sugar, vinegar, coriander seeds, shallots and tamarind marinate. The duck is flash fried just before serving.

Papaya and salted fish curry

Salted fish bones cooked with papaya in a kuah lada sauce (Pepper, turmeric, lemongrass, shallots , garlic and belachan paste).

Smoked pork curry devil

The most incredible smoked pork with potatoes cooked in a fiery chilli curry.

Ubat Kamchit

Sour bilimbing fruit tossed with cut chilli, fermented soya beans and crispy deep fried pork lard.

Bobo chacha

Delightful thick coconut cream nestling yam and sweet potato chunks and banana slices.

Durian pengat with apom bongkua

Coconut pancake accentuated with blue pea flower. And the most sinful and luscious durian flesh cooked in coconut cream and gula melaka.

The Aftermath

We left the beautiful home of our gracious hosts Sharon and Richard close to midnight – satiated but comatose right down to the last man.

I’m still dreaming about that durian pengat today.

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