The Tetraodontidae

I have always thought when it’s time for me to go, I will (or should) go in a blaze of glory.

Like maybe shielding some kids from a burning building and pushing everyone out before the burning cauldron of metal crashes down on me . Or taking a bullet for my kids or someone important.

Of course I could also have a spectacular embarrassing demise from a tank exploding in my face while attempting to flambé my soup or complications from Gout and high cholesterol🙄.

But what if I met my maker through consuming a silly looking fish that was 17000 times smaller than me and could puff up the cheeks better than me ?🐡🐡🐡

So here I was staring at my nemesis the not quite ubiquitous puffer fish.

The majority of pufferfish species are toxic and some are among the most poisonous vertebrates in the world. So why the Fugu am I doing this ?

Well I’m here cos a Japanese Friend who runs a Fugu restaurant in Osaka kindly invited me to this private event . Oh well – better than a flamboyant flambe grand exit I reckon. And perhaps it’s befitting that I depart this world through the gastronomic path.

Hmm. Not bad. Nice springy consistency but no real distinctive taste although the Japanese girl next to me tells me when it’s prepared other ways sometimes it has a distinctive taste.

Ok eight more frigging courses to go.

Final Verdict : Shashimi style doesn’t work for me as there is no distinctive taste but in soup and grilled the taste becomes intense and delicious. The texture reminds me of barramundi or turbot slightly chewy and springy when grilled.

Amazing- they carried the fugu 24 hours ago into Singapore as that is the optimum period for the fugu to be at its absolute best.

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