I decided to invite Kuan and Sanjay over for dinner since they were so kind to have the Ong boys over for dinner a few days ago.  So Gav and I had a delicious home cooked meal.  It was time to return the favour.

I saw a linked posted by Cristal for a spicy savoury pork salad which I thought looked interesting. It looked quite Thai style to me although it was a Vietnamese dish.

The video was in Vietnamese so I have no idea what the ingredients were.

Here’s my  reverse engineered concocted recipe:

1. Season pork neck with sweet paprika, chilli powder, honey and fish sauce. Set aside in fridge for a few hours
2. Slice shallots and garlic thinly. Pan fry in olive oil in a hot pan for 30 seconds. The idea is not to fully cook it .
3. Mince 2 big chillis and 5 chilli padi( birds eye chilli for extra kick ). Pan fry in olive oil for 30 seconds.
4. Dry fry 4 big spoonfuls of grated coconut for about 5 Mins.
5. I sliced the pork neck into thinner slices before deep frying it in vegetable oil to ensure that it gets cooked through. Set it aside to cool and then slice the pork into thin slices.
6. Mix all the above ingredients in a large bowl . Squeeze 6 – 8 small limes over the ingredients taking care to remove the seeds by using a strainer. Add a spoon of sugar, and 3 spoons of fish sauce and toss well.
7. Top off with freshly ground peanut and garnish with Coriander if desired.


I had cooked ginger in sweet vinegar for about a week now (twice daily) in a clay port. So I had this thick gooey mixture. I added in pig trotters and chunks of pork shoulder(leaner for the girls as requested by Daryl) and slow boiled the pork for 1.5 to 2 hours. Added in hard boiled eggs at the end.

I wanted to teach my new helper how to cook curry so there was beef curry and chicken curry.

I cooked oxtail stew today so that we could have an easy lunch tomorrow, so there was oxtail stew on the table as well .

Finally chicken soup with Chinese cabbage to counter those heavy sauces.


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