I got up at 6am this morning and decided to be a good boy and walk within a 5km radius of the hotel.

This is a city that is awake by 5 am I suspect. By 630am everything was bustling.

I had to cross the street and remembered what a local once told me. There are these white zebra line but no, the traffic is not going to stop for you. You walk in a measured constant pace eyeballing the hordes of cars and millions of motorbikes charging towards you . You do not start, stop or change your slow measured pace . If they can see you and you do not make any sudden movements, you should be ok because they will avoid you. So you feel them weaving around you most within spitting distance . It was terrifying.

I guess those walking around with wet patches on the front of their pants are the tourists.

I learned another thing during my walk. You throw a pebble in any direction and it will ricochet off a Banh Mi. There are small roadside makeshift Banh Mi stalls EVERYWHERE. All with different fillings. After all, “Banh Mi” in Vietnamese simply means “sandwich”.

Picked up an Omelette Banh Mi. Interesting and quite delicious. But nah. I’ll do the Lesbians any day.C7C32670-8475-4848-A709-F2BFFD56957E.jpeg

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